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Why is Team Anna too much after congress?

Anna Hazare, the veteran social activist, who campaign against the Government to pass the Lokpal bill- a bill that could question the ministers and put them behind bars if they found guilty of their crime, by fasting for 12 days was indeed the change India wanted.

He was a hero for all the Indians especially common Indian man. He forced the government to add his demands in Lokpal bill and the Government finally gave in to that by passing the resolution in Indian Parliament in late August, 2011 .

Now, that there was some hope for the Lokpal bill. Anna Hazare and his team, are suddenly becoming hostile against Congress. They demand the People not to vote for congress in the local elections for which Congress is campaigning now.

Team Anna’s Campaign against Congress

As rumors went before Anna’s campaign, it seems like, Anna Hazare is being used without his own knowledge.

Who would benefit if Anna ask people to vote against Congress? Obviously, the opposition party BJP.

Now, things seems to be clear up.  People behind the screen are using the Veteran Gandhian to move their plans.

I  supported Anna Hazare for his campaign against Corruption. But seeing him vowing the voters not to vote for Congress, indirectly suggest he is favoring some other party who are themselves corrupted.

I reckon, team Anna should bring out a strategy and stay away from Politics. Honestly, do they think the BJP  will pass the resolution if they came back to power?

BJP supported Anna as Opposition. It will be very uncertain to take their word once they become Government.

The ideal example will be the BJP goverment in Gujarat trying to stop lokayukta in their governing country.

Anna Hazare must back away from doing politics and work on a strategy to make the Government submit to him regardless of Congress or BJP.

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